Friday, June 8, 2012

The Audience

Last night I asked Mr5 what part he will be playing in tonight's preschool performance of Where the Wild Things Are.

He answered, with confidence and pride, "I am going to be The Audience."

Aside from making me giggle, I silently cheered his preschool teachers for finding a way to make my child, a natural introvert, feel a valued part of the classroom community. Again, they have shown complete respect for his temperament and needs, recognising that being in the play would be a step too far outside of his comfort zone at this point in time. And I also thought about what a great Audience Mr5 will make.

As the youngest of four he has a lot of experience in this role. He has sat through endless school assemblies, music recitals and children's theatre pitched to a slightly older age group. And aside from falling asleep at the end of last year's musical The Secret Garden, he has on most occasions been an excellent audience member.

Today, when I picked Mr5 up from preschool he was busy playing Where the Wild Things Are, rocking wildly on the designated Max boat with his best friend. He was living completely in the moment, just as I expect he will tonight, wide eyed and spellbound as he watches his friends play their parts. The perfect Audience.

As predicted, Mr5 was most excellent in the role of
The Audience 

After the show two of my Wild Things permitted
a photo on  the set


LittleWhiteDove said...

Awww... my five year old is often the "directors assistant" at drama lessons. I hope you all enjoyed the performance!

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